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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

2012 Sacred Circularities Hoop Dance Retreat

Come to Bali!

The Year of Expansion

April 3-10 and April 10-17  Ananda Cottages, Ubud, Bali  Indonesia

An Immersion into Healing and Transformative Movement

through Hoop Dance, Ecstatic Dance, Meditation, Dream-time exploration,

Theta Healing, Crystal Bowl Sound, Tantric Philosophy and Fun!

Expansion is breath and opportunity. It is the willingness to go beyond the persistent and narrow view into the unknown. Expansion is seeing the darkness around us is pure potential. We can neither touch ground nor comprehend the space above us. We are flying. 

Our hearts steady us when we become fearful because this void is akin to death and holds with it the power of profound transformation. We stand as individuals in community, supporting this process.

Together, we prepare to mold this limitless energy into a vibrational reality through which we pulse more joy into our lives and by extension, touching friend upon friend upon friend, illuminate and enliven the entire world. That's what we're doing here. That's what life is all about.~jm~

Everything you need to know about this wonderful life changing experience is at this link ....

Register for the
2012 Sacred Circularities Hoop Dance Retreat for only
Retreat Costs
On-site Early Bird Special till February 29: $1,495 per week (a savings from $1,595US)
Register for either week for $1,495. Payment in full required. Receive a private tutorial with Christabel Zamor or Anah Reichenbach. (Four private sessions available.) Sign up with a friend for an additional savings of $100 each ($1,395 per person). Friends must register within the same 24-hour period in order to enjoy this discount.

Super Star~Instructors Lineup

Anah Reichenbach


Jocelyn Gordon 

I had the honor of attending last year and it changed my whole idea of hooping to a more spiritual practice...and not to mention I rubbed elbows with the most kick ass hooper's and the most incredible hoop dance teachers on the planet...they blew my mind!!!really it was the best event I have had the pleasure of attending...Did I mention the food...OMG the best food ever! You will be in such a spiritual place to play, make forever friends, and learn amazing tricks and have the best fun time ever!! I highly recommend this retreat 100% 


The HoopGoddess

So what are you waiting for~ Come to Bali!
Register for the
2012 Sacred Circularities Hoop Dance Retreat



Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Samui Hoop Chic's

Come join the fun on Bang Po Beach daily hoop walks down the beach...get fit while having fun...any age is welcome.

What's blocking your field of perception? STOP now and pick up a NEW START on life... you are ready! Guide your mind/body/emotions and spirit into this NEW you. Hoopdance classes daily are an excellent way to stay laughing and The Samui Hoop Club has plenty of exciting possibilities for you and your family to get into the HOOP HABIT . Stepping into the center of your life is the most powerful place to be. Good times are waiting for you in the present moment! Change your habits to sustain your physical energy through the year and improve your overall well being today.

Brief Description:

Hoopdance is a cardiovascular exercise that uses an adult sized hula hoop (about 1.5
lbs) to build balance, strengthen core muscles, and tone the entire body. Unlike in
traditional “hula hooping, hoopdance uses the hoop on all parts of the body (waist,
hips, thighs, chest, neck, arms) and travels off of the horizontal plane. In addition to
physical benefits, Hoopdance reduces stress, increases self confidence, and generates
joy and laughter.

In the Intro to Hoopdance , you will learn the core moves of hoopdance that will
allow you to build a solid foundation to dance from. You will strengthen and open your
body, and discover yourself in the hoop. You'll learn beautiful moves, build your skills,
and start learning how to actually dance with the hoop! All the while, you'll be toning
your abs, back, arms, hips, buns and legs, strengthening and opening your upper back
and chest, increasing balance and getting a cardio workout!

What are the physical, mental & emotional benefits of Hoopdance?

Physical Benefits:
Builds core strength
Tones your entire body
Provides an intense cardiovascular workout
No to Low Impact
Increases energy
Develops balance and coordination
Increases flexibility

Mental/Emotional Benefits:
Clears and quiets the mind
Reduces stress
Improves self confidence
Generates joy and laughter
Improves one's mood
Opens up creative self expression

So what is stopping you? call me and set an appt. for a class.. 086-270-6934