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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Is hula hooping a good cardio workout?

I am trying to get a flatter stomach and I have a planner telling me what to do each day and for today it said 30 mins. of cardio and I heard hula hooping was a good cardio workout for your abs is that true?

Hoopdance is an energizing, fat burning cardio and core building hula hoop workout that is effective, fun and encourages creative self-expression! You will be introduced to the skill of spinning a specialised weighted fitness hoop and blending hula hooping with elements of dance and fitness. Hoopdance is easy to learn, empowering and promises a strong sculpted body.

Benefits of Learning to Hoop:
boosts cardiovascular endurance
speeds weight loss | strengthens abdominal
sculpts thighs, buttocks and arms
increases energy | boosts libido
builds core strength | relieves stress
enhances flexibility | develops balance and coordination
saturates the body with energy | quiets the mind
enhances creativity | instills confidence
burns up to 600 calories per hour
& its fun!!