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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Help for Our Ring Leader of Spark Circus~Andrea Russel

Hello Circus lovers and their friends and families..This is a call for help...The Ring Leader Andrea Russel has been challenged with a brain tumor and needs our help...the show must go on and the Ring leader needs our help...Andrea can't work for months and now there is a chance of a second operation and she has bills to pay please dig deep into your pockets every bit helps...even if it was just one can pay her through  PayPal please make it a personal gift to her with this email link below is to her website for Spark Circus
Please take a moment to see what Andrea does for the forgotten Children of Burma...please share this with your friends and family and do what you can to help...I'm painting coconuts in Samui Thailand that are for sale and all funds go to this cause...the coconuts are in display at Junes Cafe in Bo ones are painted weekly so if you are local come by and check them out they are painted by The International Academy Of Coconut Artists..We are a group of ladies that meet weekly and sometimes daily to paint for Andrea to raise funds for her daily care..the coconuts are just a few at Junes Cafe so take a look and buy one for a friend as a gift which the funds go to help Andrea who has been organizing Spark circus for over 7 years... Also I'm doing hoop lessons for 350bht per hour all funds go to this if you want a hoop lesson contact me here or you have an idea that would help this cause let me know...if you have a place to display the coconuts also let me know...

SPARK! is a group of spectacular international volunteer circus performers who come together to bring joy to groups of disadvantaged children in refugee camps, migrant schools, hospitals and orphanages along the Thai Burmese border.
We reach over 4,000 children each year with our circus-style fire show, playshops and donations of toys, art supplies, and creative tools.  Our goal is to lighten their days with magic, wonder, laughter and smiles.  SPARK! is completely volunteer based, and relies entirely on your generous donations and community support .
Over 200,000 refugees line the borders of Thailand and Burma, held in refugee camps that can barely manage to provide for basic necessities. Tens of thousands of these refugees are children – children who have been traumatized by the ongoing war waged by the Burmese military dictatorship against the regions hill-tribes. Here they end up in the camps or living illegally along the border regions, at huge risk of being taken into the sex trade, suffering malnourishment and other ongoing threats to their well being and lives. In addition to basic necessities like shelter, clothes, food and education, children also need hope, joy and play.
This project is designed to develop their creativity, physical fitness, communication skills, teamwork, confidence and cultural awareness. Play is a fundamental part of children’s development and we bring a big spark of happiness, love, amusement and entertainment into these children’s lives and the lives of those who work with them in the camps and orphanages.

Spark Circus! is accepting applications for our upcoming volunteer social circus project in thailand Jan/feb 2012. You will be working on a fantastic team, with refugee and migrant kids on the thai burmese border! we just need a few more people, so get your applications in by the end of this month! all the info is on our site: Detail on being chosen to be a volunteer 

This is a chance to help a real TRUE HERO.....Andrea Russel