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Monday, March 7, 2011

Tutorial: Ann Humphreys takes us to “Outer Space”!

Tutorial: Ann Humphreys takes us to “Outer Space”!

When you’re hooping, do you ever feel like you’re just doing the same movements over and over again? You’re doing the things that you’re comfortable with, but you get this feeling like you’re stuck….

For me, that seems to be somewhat of a persistent feeling this time of year. Bitter cold temperatures (not to mention the disheartening ice and snow that I’m soooo sick of!), plus the limited space and time to hoop have been fighting against my hoop dance creativity.

So when I’m in a rut, I try to look for inspiring videos to perk me up.

I came across this video awhile ago, and I’ll be honest, I didn’t think it was inspiring. I watched it for like a minute and then I passed it up. But I’ll tell you my thoughts on why I personally and initially passed it up. No. 1: It’s 12 minutes long. Do I really have 12 minutes to watch a YouTube video? That’s a pretty long video in YouTube world. No. 2: This is probably going to be about meditating or something. Maybe I’ll get there someday, but I just don’t consider myself a meditative hooper right now. Thus, why I thought it wasn’t for me.

But I came across it again, on a day where I just felt like I needed to watch a video about hooping process.

And I gave it a shot. What changed here is I hooped while I watched the video. For this tutorial, I didn’t need to have a lot of space in order to experience, so I didn’t have to wait for a hoop jam night to try it out (gone was the fear of breaking something or annoying someone with my loud banging noises). So it was kind of more meaningful to go thru it while I watched the video.

Ann guides you through the process of exploring your “outer space”; the negative space outside the hoop.

It was a good little workshop. It actually heightened my awareness and challenged me…following the current of the hoop or letting the hoop just spin around me, I was thinking how can I stretch, flow, capture, bend in the space outside the hoop. I dunno, it’s kind of hard to explain what was going on there, but it was refreshing.

And I also learned that I REALLY need to work on my outflow. Or right current…or whatever anybody calls it. The opposite direction of your dominant flow, is what it comes down to.

So, if you’re in a funk and just need a lil something to challenge you hoop-wise, I recommend this “tutorial”. I say tutorial only because that’s what the video is labeled as, but I like to think of it as a mini workshop.

I challenge you to blast off into your “outer space”! It’ll be stellar! Maybe you’ll come up with a move called the big dipper?!I promise you won’t get mercury poisoning! Okay enough with the space puns. They are bad.

I went to the planetarium on Friday. It sort of stuck with me in a weird way, I guess.

Well, Happy Hooping! I’d love to hear about your adventures in “outer space”!

(I will be attending the Sacred Circularities and I can't wait to meet Ann, Jocelyn, Jaguar Mary....Donna)

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