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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sacred Cirularities Retreat in Bali March 12-20

I'm so excited about my first trip to Bali to attend a Hooping retreat!! offered by Sacred Circularities..Read all about it below!!! come join us!! I'm amazed at how all this happened with such synchronicity..I heard a cry out to hoop a few years ago and ignored the call, I have heard it now loud and clear and I'll be there with open heart and mind and hooping soul to surrender to the goddess within me to embrace all that this retreat has in stored for me...there are no coincidences ... I was meant to be here...are you? what a journey I'm on and having a blast!!

Sacred Circularities is a series of global projects which include movement retreats, workshops, and films designed to promote the return of ritual and sacred living to individuals and communities through the sacred art of hoop dance and other spiritual tools. Our mission is to assist in amplifying the energy of love needed to heal our lives and deepen our relationship and responsibility to our planet.

The Spiraling Universe

Circles and circular motions are a huge part of our lives. All the waves that occur in nature; sound waves, light waves, ocean waves, have their never-ending ebb and flow. Sacred Circularities celebrates this cycle by honoring and empowering our interconnections. Our gatherings create communities that through intention, practice, and love, offer another space where we can feel supported on our individual journeys. Where ever we gather, we bring with us the potential to activate and energize the power of our hearts for our own healing and the healing of the Earth. We believe that the willingness to commune and recognize our deep soul relationships motivates all of creation to assist us in our healing. Using the art of hoop dance as a sacred tool, we spin, dance and play replicating the ancient movement of planets and stars. We visit Earth Temples to acknowledge our roots. We pray together in gratitude for the sacred opportunity to be embodied and to experience the brilliance of life. We are Breath. We are Ocean. We are Earth. We are the Fire of Transformation in the interplay of life and death. We rejoice, understanding that the Eternal Spin is what we're in. Flow is the new Change.

Jaguar Mary, Primary Creatrix of Sacred Circularities

Jaguar Mary

Jaguar Mary (Possessor of Many Talents) is a hoop dancer, filmmaker, internet artist, healer, Conscious Creator, Shapeshifter, and Earthwalker from Washington, DC. She has been studying a variety of dance and movement forms for over 25 years. Her short films have shown at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, the Havana and Johannesburg Biennials of Contemporary Art and other film venues throughout the world. Jaguar Mary co-produced poi artist's Nick Woolsey's DVD, "Adventures in Poi" and is currently co-producing a short film with the ETH Zurich about the Cortona Week project, a yearly residency for natural scientists, artists, and spiritual leaders. She has initiated and developed several internet-based projects including The Era of Change, which focuses on political change through human evolution, and The DC Hoop Collective, an on-line presence for Washington, DC's growing hoop and flow art community.

In the astral, Jaguar Mary enjoys moving between realms, gathering and supplying information that will support our ascension process. On paper, she has a Masters in Fine Art from the California Institute of the Arts and is certified in massage therapy and Reiki healing techniques. She is also a certified Hoop Dance instructor.

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